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EDIT / 2017 : Salut, je suis actuellement disponible à l'embauche (!) – uniquement sur l'Île de la Réunion – ok pour du télé-travail et/ou du freelancing – ok pour des activités de développement d'au moins 1 mois à temps plein ou partiel – contrats “à l'objectif” possibles (sous réserve) – tarif journalier entre 200 € et 230 €.
curriculum vitae (pdf)

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Hi, I’m Fabien, sort of a computer nerd who lives in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean, France territory).

I have about 7+ years of experience in developing web applications in PHP, including the maintenance of legacy codes, and porting stuff to Symfony 2.

I’m okay when it comes down to Linux: like writing shell scripts, administering hosts, and all the rest of it.

I also like coding in C/C++, and specifically “systems programming”.

2017: Currently learning Node.js & “full JavaScript” web development – looked at Electron for building desktop apps and the Meteor platform for mobile apps – been doing some C++ hacking on Clang, dropped it out of boredom – investigating the Rust as a replacement for my C & C++ in my errands in low-level “systems” programming language.

2016-09: I’m leaving Cines :-|   had a very good time there – good luck and godspeed, I’ll miss you guys…

Geeky details

Some irrelevant details of a geeky nature…

He :

  • is 36 years old;
  • French, indeed;
  • may speak English, though preferably with computers or androids;
  • might (and would like to) speak some long-forgotten Spanish;
  • lived for 8 years in Montpellier, south of France;
  • now lives in Reunion Island, Indian ocean, near Mauritius.
  • Types on a TypeMatrix keyboard.
  • Uses a QWERTY layout, and also Colemak (much less these days).
  • Writes shell scripts, e.g. my ~/bin/ dir.
  • and writes/collects shell gems bash-it/custom/
  • My current ~/.bash.rc
  • My Bash aliases around Git.
  • Used to code under Vim only, for like 5 years or so – used spf13-vim conf. for a some time, and ended up dropping it in favor of a personal one: github.com/fabic/dude.vim
  • Then reverted to just using the IDE that worked best for the job.
  • Uses Sublime Text, and Atom.
  • Fan of JetBrains’ tool suite, used PhpStorm extensively, and also Intellij’ IDEA for some Java; tried CLion for C++ (but it consumed too much RAM and CPU resources).
  • Uses Visual Paradigm when it comes down to modeling stuff; also did some fancy BPM modeling when it was a fresh new thing, like, a decade ago.
  • Once came up with a personal hand-crafted Bash shell configuration.
    ^ and dropped it in favor of Bash-it
  • Has a personalized TMUX conf.: ~/.tmux.conf
  • and an old Screen conf.: ~/.screenrc of an unknown origin.
  • Has spent whole week-ends building Linux “from scratch”, like, possibly a dozen of it (he was young).
  • Was a big fan of Debian, then used Gentoo for a few years, and Sabayon;
  • Now uses ArchLinux & Kali – and RedHat/CentOS on production systems.
  • Did some amateur OpenGL coding a long time ago.
  • Has had a John’s cellphone