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Burn ISO image to CD / DVD

Fast blank the media (optional, possibly superfluous) :

$ time \
    wodim -v speed=1 -sao dev=/dev/sr0 blank=fast

Burn the ISO image file to disk :

$ time \
    wodim -v speed=1 -sao dev=/dev/sr0 \

Verify data by computing a SHA-1 fingerprint. Arg. count=$(( ... )) evaluates the amount of 2048-bytes blocks that the source ISO file have. This is recommanded (as per Arch wiki) because the optical drive may (or may not) read some additional garbage.

$ time \
    dd if=/dev/sr0 \
    bs=2048        \
    count=$(( $(du -b archlinux-2017.12.01-x86_64.iso | awk '{print $1}') / 2048 )) \
      | sha1sum -b
  • -V (capital ‘V’) will display very verbose SCSI layer debugging details.
  • -scanbus or --devices is supposed to find out usable devices, but didn’t work -_- *
  • ArchLinux: Optical_disc_drive