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Linux debug crash problem at boot with netconsole (failed)

TL;DR: Couln’t get the netconsole kernel module to effectivelly send logs to my other computer -_- – EDIT: Turns out it was my graphics card (!) o_O` which btw. was also causing some strange failed SATA commands sent to one of my hard-disk – no more system hangs, and the good thing is I didn’t loose a costly hard-disk ;-.

Story: -_- Some strange crash problem occured today where my screen would go blank early on during boot – did reboot in recovery mode and investigated – journalctl -b1 revealed a few big kernel Oops with long stacktraces, but I couldn’t infer if and which module (if any) was causing it.

Hence I spent some time fiddling around, trying to get netconsole to work, and ultimately quit (for I had plans early this morning upon wakeup, to code or whatever).

It turned out that the problem disappear(s/ed) when I boot with the new Grub menu entry below, maybe this is just chance (or bad luck for non-reproducibility of things).

Had to generate another initrd image for the Arch-provided one didn’t have the netconsole.ko kernel module in it :

# vim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
MODULES="configfs atl1c netconsole"

# mkinitcpio -g /boot/initramfs-linux-fabic.img

Edited /boot/grub/grub.cfg and duplicated one of the entries there (note that grub.cfg should not be edited by hand for it may be regenerated) :

linux  /boot/vmlinuz-linux \
  root=UUID=09022016-0924-1909-2411-2709cade0da3 rw \
  resume=UUID=b09ea959-d8f7-400c-a829-91445640746c  \
  debug pause_on_oops=3 earlymodules=configfs,atl1c,netconsole break  \
  netconsole=7777@,7777@ \

initrd  /boot/initramfs-linux-fabic.img
  • debug will have the kernel not filter its messages (ignoring loglevel (?)).
  • pause_on_oops=3 is supposed to have the kernel pause upon emitting a Oops so that one may read something.
  • break have the initrd drop us with a BusyBox shell (ArchLinux only?).
  • netconsole=... is supposed to configure the corresponding module.

Also tried to configure this module from the BusyBox shell that break left me with :

# modprobe netconsole \

On the other, target machine :

$ netcat -u -l -p 7777

But nothing was received, briefly checked my recent iptables rules, seemed okay.