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Algorithms – notes

  • http://raghibm.com/blog/checklist-for-a-softwareEng-interview/
  • https://www.movable-type.co.uk/scripts/latlong.html

    Calculate distance, bearing and more between Latitude/Longitude points; must read; has code sample; has equations; reference; Haversine algorithm.

  • https://www.plumislandmedia.net/mysql/haversine-mysql-nearest-loc/

    must-read; dude give this nice SQL construct (MySQL) :

      SELECT id, zipcode, latitude, longitude, distance_km
      FROM (
            SELECT c.id,
                   a.zip AS zipcode,
                   a.latitude, a.longitude,
                   p.radius AS radius_km,
                   p.distance_unit * DEGREES(ACOS(COS(RADIANS(p.latpoint))
                                                  * COS(RADIANS(a.latitude))
                                                  * COS(RADIANS(p.longpoint) - RADIANS(a.longitude))
                                                  + SIN(RADIANS(p.latpoint))
                                                  * SIN(RADIANS(a.latitude)))) AS distance_km
            FROM company c
            INNER JOIN address a ON a.id = c.address_id
            JOIN ( -- these are the query parameters
                   SELECT  :latpoint  AS latpoint,
                           :longpoint AS longpoint,
                           :radius    AS radius,
                           :distance_unit AS distance_unit
                 ) AS p ON 1=1
            WHERE a.latitude IS NOT NULL
              AND a.longitude IS NOT NULL
              AND a.latitude BETWEEN p.latpoint  - (p.radius / p.distance_unit)
                                 AND p.latpoint  + (p.radius / p.distance_unit)
              AND a.longitude BETWEEN p.longpoint - (p.radius / (p.distance_unit * COS(RADIANS(p.latpoint))))
                                  AND p.longpoint + (p.radius / (p.distance_unit * COS(RADIANS(p.latpoint))))
            ) AS result -- sub-result.
      WHERE distance_km <= radius_km
      ORDER BY distance_km

    Ex. query with Doctrine :

      $result = $this->getEntityManager()
                     ->fetchAll($sql, [ 'latpoint'  => $latitude,
                                        'longpoint' => $longitude,
                                        'radius'    => $maxDistanceRadiusKm,
                                        'distance_unit' => 111.045 ],
                                      [ \PDO::PARAM_STR, \PDO::PARAM_STR,
                                        \PDO::PARAM_STR, \PDO::PARAM_STR ]);
      $company_ids = array_map(function(array $row) { return $row['id']; }, $result);
      $companies = $this->findBy(['id' => $company_ids]);


  • One-way linear list “is a sequence of cells each of which (except the last) points to its successor.”

Heap, priority queues




  • [New Concurrent Hash Maps for C++ 2016, Jeff Preshing](http://preshing.com/20160201/new-concurrent-hash-maps-for-cpp/)
    (as well as [Using Quiescent States to Reclaim Memory 2016, Jeff Preshing](http://preshing.com/20160726/using-quiescent-states-to-reclaim-memory/)).

Other concepts

  • [What is RCU, Fundamentally ? 2007, lwn.net](https://lwn.net/Articles/262464/)

Disk-based data structures




Text editors